All Roads lead to Bhanga Nek – but do you really want to take them?

All roads lead to Bhanga Nek
Go THAT way said the Cheshire cat

All roads may lead to Bhanga Nek near Kosi Bay, but first ask yourself if you really want to go there.

There is a reason for the beautiful solitude

Yes the beach is wild and unspoilt but so is the road (or roads) to get there.  I found the trip akin to torture.  If the beach were straight out of a Mainstay ad, where umbrella topped drinks were served by sinewy, semi naked men playing Spanish guitar, I would still have to weigh up if it were worth the drive.

If you still insist on going there, or your husband will not abandon the plan, note the following.

The GPS co-ordinates are S 27° 00′ 34.7″   E 32° 51′ 47.6″

Eeny meeny minee mo
Eeny meeny minee mo
  • Rumour has it that the snorkelling is great at Bhanga Nek but this is only the case at low tide.  Check the tide charts before going for this reason.
  • Cell phone reception is iffy at best
  • If you don’t want to employ one of the many locals marketing themselves as guides.  All roads probably do lead to Bhanga Nek.  Set your GPS with the co-ordinates but they will only be a rough guide regarding general direction, the general direction is NE.
Our little Kia Sportage put through its paces
Our little Kia Sportage put through it’s paces
  • The horrible beach sand roads split and re-unite (or not) with the logic of a madman.  When presented with a split, or splits, choose the one which looks like the ground is harder.  So long as you’re heading for that little destination flag on your GPS you’re headed in the right direction.
Brave little Kia (Cliff trying to dig us out by hand)
Brave little Kia (Cliff trying to dig us out by hand) – Don’t you love the licence plate edited by my friend Karin 🙂
  • You might want to take a little shovel to dig you out if stuck
  • Let tire pressure right down to cope with the soft sand – first prize take a compressor (hindsight is a wonderful thing)
  • You MUST have a 4 x 4
  • You need a permit from KZN parks at Kosi Bay Camp
Sometimes you simply run out of road and have to turn around
Sometimes you simply run out of road and have to turn around




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  1. It does look lovely but have to agree with you not worth it. Something Mark would do like going to Mozambique in a 2×4 and leave the fully equipped 4×4 with a compressor at home, because his Drifter can go anywhere 😉 Adventures are fun but to a point.

  2. SO this will totally be our little family going on an adventure . Always looking for the road less travelled

  3. This is defiantly going on my bucket list.

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