Brilliant upcycled seedling watering can

Milk bottle watering can
Milk bottle watering can

If you’re planting Pansies in Jo’burg this is pretty much the last week to do it without them developing too late.  Ideally seeds should have been planted in the last week of Feb.  The children love being involved with gardening activities.  Once the seeds  are planted they need daily watering.   Perfect timing, this week when looking at another craft idea on Pintrest, I stumbled across this stroke of genius, a watering can made from a used milk bottle.

So simple and so practical
So simple and so practical

It is simple and perfect, also really easy for a child to handle.   I didn’t even bother heating the pin as suggested but that probably would be just a tad more practical.  Now lets just hope we didn’t plant too late


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  1. Great idea – do you buy the seedling trays or do you re-use ones from the nursery. I have heard that egg trays make good seedling trays, have never tried it tho

  2. You could be right the egg trays probably would dissolve, although you do get plastic trays, I can’t even remember where I saw it or heard about it

    • I chatted to Cliff about it, he said that he’s heard of it too and thinks that the cardboard degrades and you don’t have to remove them from the egg trays. I think I should try this

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