Crazy Mothers Day, snow hunting day trip to the Drakensberg

Not for the first time, when we hear about snow in SA anywhere near where we can get to, we start itching to go play.  Yesterday must have been our most crazy day trip ever, a 736 km round trip.  After reading that there was snow at the Witsieshoek parking lot in the Northern Drakensberg on Saturday afternoon we planned our day trip for Sunday.

not often we see sunrise on a Sunday morning

Alarms were set for 5am, I don’t know how or why but we only hit the road at 6am (that’s just the way we roll … or plod).  Sleepy children were carried out of bed draped in blankets and off we headed.

On the road between Harrismith and Witsieshoek

Distant white mountains made for beautiful scenery from Warden onward.  We stopped for breakfast in Harrismith, changing the children out of PJ’s into warm clothes.  The air crisp with a sense of adventure.

On top of the World on Mother’s day (no snow on this side)
Where there’s a will to make snowballs, there’s a way
On Sat afternoon 13 April 2017, there was snow where Fjord is standing

Eventually arriving at Sentinel Peak car park, we saw that rain must have melted most of the snow but the children still got to touch the icy white and throw a few snowballs.  The knife wind cut away every peripheral thought, leaving a purity of spirit imbibed from the mountain air.

It was a long day, there was less snow than we hoped for but it was memorable and fun.

Sunset on the road home



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  1. That’s a great adventure! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just love your “spur of the moment” family set up. There is always a new adventure and an exciting story, I can just imagine your grandchildren sitting around the fire listening to mommy Acacia or Daddy Fjord telling their wonderful childhood adventures.
    Keep it up, you and Cliff are an excellent team and you are excellent parents.

  3. Sounds like an awesome trip!

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