Delicious Sunflower seed snack


You can't imagine how yummy these are
You can’t imagine how yummy these are

When I was a little girl my parents had a friend who was a chef, he made these back in the 70’s when he visited us.   This savoury sunflower seed snack has been part of my life ever since.

I love sharing recipes, I have never really understood people who don’t want to share them.  This one is the exception to the rule.  I have never had this snack anywhere else and I love that when people have it at my home, they have never come across it before.  I shouldn’t even be that possessive about it because the idea wasn’t mine to start with.  Actually this is so very simple that you can hardly call it a recipe.  We usually eat these as a snack.  I made them yesterday because I have cut down to 1 cig a day and by late afternoon I just NEED something.  Sometimes I make them to sprinkle over a salad.

I’m not giving quantities as you just make however many you want and adjust.

What you need :  Sunflower cooking oil, Sunflower seeds, Soy sauce.  Optional Lime or lemon juice

What you do :

  1. Put enough oil in a frying pan just to coat the base, the absolute minimum because you don’t want them oily.  Heat over medium heat
  2. Add Sunflower seeds, keep turning them with a spatula until they start to brown
  3. Pour Soy sauce over, enough to coat them but not be too salty, remove from heat as soon as they are coated after a few seconds.  At this point if you want lime or lemon flavour add a splash of juice at the same time as the Soy sauce

EAT AND ENJOY but be careful not to burn your tongue because they are so delicious that you won’t want to wait the necessary minute or 2 for them to cool.




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  1. Oh thanks for that “recipe”. I love sunflower seeds but never thought of eating it with soya sauce. Just wish sunflower seeds were bigger.

    • Thanks for visiting, let me know what you think of them 🙂 I had to make them again today as my daughter was crying for them

  2. I love sunflower seeds! I always sprinkle them over my salad, but never thought of doing this. Thanks, going to try it tomorow!

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