Did I escape the reaper? Do we have premonitions?

I’m not sure why I’m recording this here, but it was such a chilling and peculiar incident that I feel it should be written down.  On Saturday I went to visit Domi while she and Duncan continue packing up their lives before moving to Canada in December.

Soon after leaving home I thought “Fjord is 10, if I die he will have many memories of me, Acacia is only 7, she would hardly remember anything of me, I hope that I have more time to build more memories”.  I have no idea where this thought came from and don’t recall a chain of thought leading to it.  I went on to think about Jacques Pauw’s book The President’s Keepers, which was sold out when Domi and Duncan looked for it for me earlier.  The song Up Where we Belong played on the radio and I smiled thinking that my uncle Pete referred to An Officer and a Gentleman as “An orifice and a genital”.  In other words I was by no means in a morbid frame of mind.  About 15 minutes after my thought about the children remembering me I looked at a truck in the distance (there was nothing remarkable about it) and thought “If I were to hit that truck, I wouldn’t stand a chance” again this was a fleeting thought unrelated to anything else.   When I was about to pass this particular truck, a car coming up behind it suddenly decided to change lanes and I must have been in the driver’s blind spot.  I did not have time to hoot, pray or think, I just accelerated a little and somehow (I don’t know how) the car missed me.  If that car hit me, most likely I would have also gone into the truck which I had thought could kill me.  The driver of the car gestured an apology, I was too shaken to respond.

Do we have premonitions?  If so what causes them, are they glitches in the fabric of time?  Are they warnings from God?  After this incident I thought of a boy called Brett who was at school with my brother, a group of boys had gone surfing before school and Brett was sucked under the pier and drowned.  I remember comments about that morning, that Brett had said something which could be interpreted as a premonition and another boy had said “Don’t die on me today” to him, where would a comment like that come from, why would a schoolboy say that on a happy morning?  My primary school friend Della died in a car crash aged 21, at her funeral the minister said that Della had spoken to him not long before she died and told him that she had dreamed that her Grandfather told her not to drive too fast.  She was rushing to an appointment when she crashed. Mum’s partner Charlie died of a burst brain aneurysm this year, weeks before his death he pointed out that the ears of a dog on his favourite mug looked like the number 77 and said to Mum “I will die aged 77”  he also dropped of his will with his son the day before he collapsed.  This is a morbid topic but I just wanted to share it.

Dreams are another area where I’ve foreseen events, it happened more when I was young.  I had an image while sleeping of my Mum’s chihuahua under a car tyre, the next day it was run over.  I used to dream the sex of a baby when friends were pregnant.   When I won a trip to New York, the night before receiving the news I dreamed that I was flying over the statue of liberty.

Have you had a strong premonition before?  What was it?

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  1. I’ve had similar incidents but more so when I was younger.
    Perhaps we’re more open to connections from “the other side” when we’re younger, but obviously, it doesn’t totally fade.
    It’s all possible, and I guess one day we’ll find out how everything works.
    Just glad to hear to snuck past the reaper this time 🙂

  2. That is very chilling Sula. My son had strange conversations with friends the days coming up to his death. Very deep conversations which were out of character for him because they were school friends, not close friends as such. Even that and other things he said that week I am still not sure if it was a premonition or coincidence.
    I have a very strong intuition since my son died and I now believe very strongly about your gut feel and going with it. Needless to say, I still mess up though as I question myself. I have also been to many Spiritual Healers to try to discover more and am still in the dark about it.
    Glad you okay though. And wow it seemed like December was a hundred years ago when you said Domi was leaving and now it is here. We leaving on the 28th of this month {Finally}. It was doing nothing for 5 months now it is panic stations 😥

    • Trying to understand things like this can make your head spin. It’s good that you’ve learned to trust your instincts. Domi’s departure looms nearer every day. Gee you have very little time to get sorted now but I’m sure you’re on top of things. I do rather envy all starting a new chapter, it’s scary and sad that it’s necessary but there’s so much to look forward to. The only time I would be able to exercise by walking lately would be after sunset and no way will I think of that here, I would love to live without the constant cloud of crime.

  3. I have these weird premonitions about people before they die. A friend at vasity, I just had this weird feeling this was the last time I would see her. And she died in a car accident. Then with my gran, I said see you at Christmas but had this feeling she wouldn’t make it. And then also with my dad but that was more obvious.
    There’s something about intuition that should be cherished and listened to.
    And I really think that Angels are watching over you!

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