Happy on their new cushions
Happy on their new cushions

Our old Scottie Liquorice was recently joined by a new family member, Floppy the puppy.  About a year ago I bought Liquorice a cushion but it got very stained and was hard to wash because the whole cushion had to be washed which was not easy.

Sharing the tired old cushion
Sharing the tired old cushion

I decided to make new cushions for both dogs with removable loose covers which can go in the wash.  They were really quick and easy to make.  I didn’t buy fabric as I am a ‘waste not, want not’ person.  I cut up old children’s blankets and used a piece of left-over denim for one side of one, I even stitched together scraps for the other side from left over kids pyjama fleece.   I cut up old sheets for the inner cushions of both.  You can use pretty much any fabric, but the more durable the better.  I decided that it would be easier to draw diagrams than to photograph each step.    My drawing skills are not fantastic but you should get the gist.  The dotted lines indicate stitching.

What you need :

CUSHION (for medium size breed dog)

2 pieces of 80 x 80 cm fabric (I cut up an old sheet)

cushion filling (I bought a bag of foam chips at the fabric shop and used the stuffing from one couch cushion)


2 pieces of 80 x 80 cm fabric

1 x zip – 45 cm  (you can also close with popper tape or press studs)

Dog Cushion instructions


1) Cut 2 pieces of fabric (preferably waterproof) 80 cm x 80 cm

2) Fold into a triangle

3) Fold again into a smaller triangle

4 & 5) Cut curves on 2 corners leaving the folded corner

6)  With right sides together stitch around the edge leaving a gap big enough  to easily fit your hand in with stuffing.

7)  Turn right side out, stitch a line in the centre of the circle about 5 cm long

8)  Fill with stuffing and stitch closed.


follow steps 1 – 5 above

6)  With right sides together stitch edge leaving a gap of 45 cm

7) (no drawing to illustrate) Turn right side out, insert zip or other method for closure


UPDATE – adjusted size to 75 cm square

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  1. So easy and economical. Always a good combo at this time of the year.

  2. This is brilliantly clever. I have a sewing machine that I used twice (I think) to mend something then lost the foot, which became my excuse to not use something I really wanted but don’t use. Who loses a sewing machine “foot” I am going to pin this on Pintrest for one day when………. 🙂

    • Methinks you need a new foot. You can’t beat me, I lost 2 enormous catering pots last week

      • Oh my goodness where did you lose your pots. I don’t know where to get spares for my sewing machine – not that I have really looked or tried to find out 🙂

        • Lucky I found them again, I’ve been helping out with cooking childrens lunches for a church pre-school, thought I had put them in the car at the school, to take home and use for the cooking even had a mental picture of doing so. At home hunted high and low,stressed myself silly and then found them at the school the next day. What make of machine is it? My sewing machine has paid itself off a few times over just with mending.

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