Egg Free Chicken Mince Burger Patties

When looking for burger patty recipes  I found that they all seem to require egg.  Fjord is allergic to egg which rules this ingredient out for us.   I was worried about leaving out egg thinking that they would fall apart, but they don’t.  Basically you can use any recipe and simply leave out the egg.  I have however made up the following recipe using chicken mince, which is a hit with our family.  I don’t like touching raw meat so this method takes this into consideration.

Chicken Mince Burger

500g chicken mince

1 tsp mild curry powder

7ml sweet chilli sauce

1 tsp ground ginger

1 apple grated

30ml chopped fresh herbs

1 clove crushed garlic

125ml dried breadcrumbs

1tsp brown sugar

20ml soy sauce

Mix all the ingredients together, divide into 6 or 8 patties.

Lay clingfilm on the work surface and shape 2 patties at a time.

Using a dessert spoon shape into a ball (if you don’t mind touching meat just roll in your clean hands)

Shape Chicken mince balls with spoon

Chicken mince balls on clingfilmPress chicken mince patties between 2 layers clingfilm

.  Place balls on clingfilm, fold clingfilm over and press down with your hand, open the clingfilm

Round Chicken mince patties with spoon

round any ragged edges with a dessert spoon.

Chicken Mince patties ready to cook

Fry patties until golden brown and serve as usual or keep in the freezer folded in clingfilm.

Update – 8/8/14, I now have a Kitchen Craft burger press which cuts the whole shaping the patties production.  Highly recommended.

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