Fabric painting using Freezer or plastic Kraft paper stencils

We printed a cross onto freezer paper, ironed it onto an old T shirt, painted with blue fabric paint then fabric glitter paint. Acacia added extra patterns (to hide old stains)

While with Domi in Canada we watched a sewing video which showed how to iron freezer paper onto fabric creating a very clean shape to use as a stencil. I had never heard of freezer paper, apparently butchers in USA and Canada use this plastic coated paper which is not the same as wax paper. The butcher in Arnprior gave us some off his roll which I brought home. I looked to buy some online here in South Africa but only found rolls at stupidly expensive prices. I then remembered rolls of brown paper which had a plastic coating on one side, they were used to cover school books and I’m not sure what else. I went to Spar and found a roll for just R16, I tested this and found that is exactly the same and provides the same results. The paper which I bought was labeled “Brown plastic coated Kraft paper” and I found it with the other wrapping papers. Pick n Pay have it in the stationery aisle.

Acacia wrote about this process, here are her instructions

Stars were printed onto freezer paper then cut out with a craft knife and ironed onto a pillow

I got some freezer paper and some fabric paint from Canada, so Painted my pillow case.


print a simple pattern onto freezer/butcher paper cut out the shape using a craft knife, keep the trimmed paper and iron on the freezer/butcher paper to the pillow case.


once the paper is on properly I painted on blue paint this part you should be careful or the paper can peel of, after that I painted on glitter fabric paint but that is optional.


after that you must peel off the freezer/butcher paper and then I painted on some glow in the dark fabric paint but that is also optional

The 3rd project was a nightie which I made for myself. We did 2 colours this time. A mistake was diluting the brown a little too much which made it run under the paper. Fortunately it looks intentional

There is so much fun to be had with this technique and we will be doing more soon

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