How to Wash Your Car’s Carpets Better Than the Carwash Can, Yourself


We pay exorbitant prices for full valet car wash treatments for our cars, sure it’s a lot of work and yes they do a great job, but what if you could do it yourself, and get the same results, would you still pay?

As a car owner, I’m pretty sure you prefer to get your car professionally washed, if anything it’s just so convenient. But with today’s cost of living being so high, some of the luxuries might need to take the back seat, considering a car wash technically does what you can do for yourself, with a little effort of course.

Here’s how to clean your car mats like the car wash can

When cleaning our cars ourselves, most people make sure that the outside is spotless; wipe down the dashboard and steering wheel and do the old ‘slap the carpet against a wall trick.’

Slapping a carpet against a wall is not only ineffective, but it can also damage your carpet. Here is a great alternative you can try on your own:

Step 1

Purchase a good quality carpet cleaning solution like Vanish PowerPowder and a brush with firm bristles from a hardware store (you probably have one lying around somewhere at home), and lastly you’ll need a bucket of warm clean water.

Step 2

Thoroughly vacuum the carpet before cleaning.

Step 3

Sprinkle your carpet cleaner evenly over the entire surface of the carpet. If needed, focus on a spot of the carpet with a darkened stain. Don’t add any water at this stage.

Step 4

Take your brush and dip the bristles into your bucket of water and shake it a little to remove excess water, and then scrub the carpet cleaner into the carpet one small section at a time. Scrub both vertically and horizontally and along the edges to be very thorough. Be sure to use very little water, just enough to contain the powder from getting blown away.

Step 5

Leave the carpet out in the air for about 20 minutes, until the powder dries up.

Step 6

Then get your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the carpets thoroughly, with the aim of getting rid of all the powder.

Note: Vanishs’ PowerPowder binds itself to dirt so it may leave some residue. If this happens, just brush the residue with a dry brush and vacuum the carpet again.

Now doesn’t that sound easy? Well it is and all in all should cost you no more than an hour to do, with a little money spent on carpet cleaner, which by the way, you can use again, all at a fraction of the cost of a car wash valet. This post was sponsored by Vanish Stain Remover, for more stain removal tips, visit their website.

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