Jamie Oliver Pizza Stone my lovely birthday gift

Jamie Oliver pizza stone

Once a week we have pizza for supper, usually because left overs make a great school lunch the following day for Fjord.  I have 3 metal pizza pans and make the dough in my bread machine.  For Christmas we were given a white pizza serving plate which was bought at PnP Hyper, when I went looking for another there were none in stock, I have searched high and low since without success.  For my birthday my totally awesome friends Collette and Evelyn gave me a yuppiechef voucher.  Yuppiechef did not have any pizza serving plates but they did have a Jamie Oliver Pizza Stone.  I decided that a pizza stone would be great as I can bake pizza or bread on it and use it for serving.

The day that the pizza stone arrived I did not use it as I read in the instructions that it needs to first bake in the oven on full temperature for an hour before 1st use.  It seemed a waste of electricity to do this if I was not using the oven for anything else.

Today I used the stone for the first time, not to make pizza but a lovely cheese topped focaccia bread to go with lunch tuna salad.  I am delighted with results.  The bread did stick a little as I forgot to pre-heat the stone but it came off relatively easily with a spatula.  I have now read that along with pre-heating the stone it is a good idea to sprinkle it with a bit of corn meal.  Thank you again Collette and Evelyn!  I also used the voucher from my friends to get a burger press which is another awesome product.

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