Karoo’s Cradock Tuishuise unlocking a wormhole in time


Like a child stepping from reality to imagination, a part of me is always looking for escape, seeking a path to secret spaces.  Cradock in the Eastern Cape unlocked a wormhole in time, leading to a place of anti-pace.  Buildings made to last, stand firm while the world around them fragments and re-groups in ever changing structures.

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Away from the clutter of souls in city life, the Tuishuise’s Out of Africa cottage, embraced us on our first night on the road.  Wooden floors whisper of people and places past.  Their knotted grain imprinted with the myriad memories.  Layers of existence, of history and life.

Venus rising over the Tuishuise
Venus rising over the Tuishuise

The B & B breakfast provided with our accommodation was one of the best we’ve had with unique non-meat options such as spinach quiche and a yummy fish bake.  Our hostess had a smile in her nature not restricted to the boundaries of her mouth. It was hard to say goodbye to this nugget of Karoo gold.


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  1. Sules I think that its great that you and your family get around so much and see so many lovely places, you have some cherished memories together. Have a Wonderful Christmas my sweetie. Love to the family.

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