Milk Frothers review, Salter, Stickocinno and Aerolatte


Now and then you will see me go on a bit of a rant about quality of service and products, both can really get me going.  Over weekends, starting the days with a yummy cappuccino is our regular indulgence.  Last year we went through 3 hand held milk frothers.  The first 2 were the same Salter frother which comes with a “lifetime” guarantee, but there’s a limit to how many times you will want to exchange junk for more junk.  We then got a “Stickocinno”, which was very unstable from the start and lasted all of 4 months before the switch stopped working.

This time I ordered the Aerolatte from Yuppiechef.  Cliff had done some research and found that they were the first to make hand held frothers.   I was super impressed with Yuppiechef and their price included free delivery to my door.  The Aerolatte is by far the best of the 3 brands that we have owned.  It feels more solid, is extremely stable, froths milk in no time at all and comes in a nice plastic container.  I will update this post in about 6 months time but at this point I feel certain that this one should stand the test of time.

Update 6/5/14 – For a horrible moment I thought that the switch on the Aerolatte was broken as it would not turn on recently, however it turned out that the stick was just stuck, after a light twiddle it worked again

Update 24/1/15  – A year down the line the Aerolatte is still working brilliantly and is used every weekend

Update – 11/9/15 – The Aerolatte is still in regular use and fine fettle

Update – 23/11/15 – My domestic worker managed to bend the stick so badly that the Aerolatte can no longer be used, were it not mistreated it would still be going strong.  I have a replacement of the same brand on order from Yuppiechef and look forward to it’s arrival

Update July 2021 – Aerolatte is still the best the last one lasted 6 years and had to be replaced with another after I dropped and damaged it

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  1. Oh dear my mother’s day gift was a stickocinno. Not good to hear that they are not good

  2. Hello, Antony here from aerolatte SA. Glad you like the machine and I hope YuppieChef have supplied you with another although the Uniion Flag is no longer available.
    Take a look at a new SA product caffenu, that I am now backing. It is the worlds first cleaning capsule for Nespresso type machines. Its made in Cape Town and invented by food scientist Rowan Isacmann. This will be a HUGE household name on day. I have already set up export networks in UK, Germany, Norway, Canada and Australia.

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