My new Sony Xperia Go phone – review

Sony Experia Go

The time came for me to upgrade from my Nokia C3.  I really really wanted a phone with buttons, I’m old-fashioned that way.  I ended up getting a touch screen only phone, the Sony Xperia Go.  Oddly enough writing text messages on the phone is the feature that I like the most.  I absolutely love the function where you just drag your finger from one letter to the next and the smartie pants Sony figures out the word.  It is so quick and easy. 

What I like least about the phone is that it comes with a gazillion apps preloaded, which a week later I am still trying to find a way to remove.  A word of advice, make sure that you log out of apps like Facebook and WordPress they munch data when left running in the background. 

Another thing that I don’t like is that if the phone is turned off the alarm does not work, I like to turn my phone off at night and my Nokia would still sound the alarm even when turned off. At first I was horrified by the battery life of the Xperia, only lasting a day with minimal use, I then found ‘power management’ under settings and now it lasts for 2 days, at least the phone only takes about 2 hours to fully charge. When I first tried to use What’s App I was annoyed because it came pre-installed but when I tried to use it, it gave a message that the date setting on the phone was incorrect although it was right. I did a google search and found that this was a common problem. The solution was to uninstall What’s App and then re-install, which worked. The camera on the phone is excellent, however as my husband pointed out 5MP as opposed to the 2MP on my Nokia means that it will also use more data when I send or upload pictures.
Overall I am happy with the Sony Xperia Go but I would really like to declutter the icons which I can’t seem to get rid of. My daughter showed me that if I hold my finger on the icon then drag it down a bin appears, opens its lid and appears to gobble the icon up but when I go back the dastard things are where they had been before.

Update 18/8
That’s it! I’m putting my sim card back into the falling apart Nokia. In under a week the Sony has used 20 MB using NO internet surfing, no facebook, no wordpress, that’s more than the Nokia used in a month using internet every day, what’s app every day. I don’t know how to stop this so I’m ditching it, Cliff can have it if he wants, he does so hate his BB

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