New Look Pattern 6879

New Look 6879 View B age 2


I first made New Look Pattern 6879 when Acacia was 2.  I used a lovely white fabric and French Dormeil lace which came from my Granny’s clothing factory in Harare to make view B. 
New Look 6879 View A Green
A year later I tried to make view A in green fabric using View A but without a transparent overlay, I don’t know what went wrong but I got stuck, I was so fed up that I put the whole thing to one side for a year.  This week reminding myself that I had made the pattern before and had been successful I unpicked all that I had done and started from scratch.  I think the problem had come in on step 2, which I should have ommitted as I was not working with an overlay.  This time I left  out step 2 and continued with steps 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 30 … end

New Look 6879  owl back

New Look 6879  owl

New Look 6879 purple
On all the dresses I never made the slip (skirt lining), I only did top lining, on last 2 purple dresses I had asked my Mum to bring fabric which I had seen at The Waste Centre in Durban, I did not know how much fabric I would need and had only asked for 1 metre of each, this was not enough to do lining or sash.  On the 2 purple dresses we basically did view B and decided to edge the neck and armholes with bias binding, instead of using lining this is nice for summer as the dresses are cooler. 

Unfortunately I did not have enough fabric for the sash detail with the 2 purple dresses, I think that the pattern does look best with the sash detail as on the green dress. I had a little bit of the owl fabric left over and cut 2 strips for the tie at the back but they are more narrow than they should be.
Dress insidedress inside with binding
Because I did not have a skirt, slip lining, on 1 dress I hand stitched a strip of bias binding on the inside, I’m not sure if that was necessary, will decide later if I will bother doing it on the others.

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