Order Cakes for those with egg allergy in Johannesburg

I am the mother of a 5 year old boy who has a host of food allergies.  The worst of these are egg and nut allergies.  I have found that many don’t know where to turn when you want a cake for a special occasion.  Fortunately for Fjord I have always loved baking and after years of trying different recipes have found some which are lovely and are perfect in terms of texture and flavour.  Decorating is not really my forte but I would be happy to bake cakes for you and your little ones.  I can do simple butter icing but if you want something more fancy I would be happy to sell the cakes un-iced or refer you to a friend who does beautiful, professional decorating in Boksburg.  You would need to collect the cakes from me in Boksburg.  I also have a lovely selection of egg free biscuits which I will make to order.

More than an income generating business my aim is to help those with food allergies.  If you are outside Johannesburg and / or enjoy baking yourself.  I am more than happy to share my recipes.  Just leave a comment under the comments section below, I will then be able to pick up your e-mail address and will always respond. Or you can e-mail me direct at sula1968@gmail.com

Acacia birthday cake
Square vanilla cake no icing – R70
Square vanilla cake with butter icing – R100

Square chocolate cake – R70

Square chocolate cake with butter icing – R100
Eggless choc ckaeEggless Choc cake slice
Round Chocolate layer cake no icing – R80
Round Chocolate layer cake with choc butter icing – R100
Rainbow cupcakesRainbow cupcake inside
Rainbow cup cakes (12) – R70
Rainbow cup cakes (12) with butter icing – R80
Vanilla cup cakes (12) – R60
Vanilla cup cakes with butter icing – R70
Please excuse my unskilled food photography.
What matters most to me is the flavour and texture of the cakes. My son loves all of these so much that instead of licking the icing off as he does with other recipes which I have tried he eats the whole cake and wants more. The cakes are so yummy that even those who don’t have egg allergy will love them.


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