Today writers bootcamp are being ambiguous, the prompt is ‘Pinings’.  I’m not sure if they are referring to the warm, sad, hollow feelings which echo in memories, such as the smell of lemonade on my grandparents copper bar counter, or the way the sunlight caught drops of water from the spray of our little motor boat on Lake Kariba.  Or they could be thinking of the act of pining on Pinterest.

I don’t want to feel nostalgic today so I’ll chat about Pinterest.  Only a few months ago my sister-in-law introduced me to Pinterest.  Easter was around the corner and she was looking for  Easter Kids Crafts which we could make with the children.  A whole new world of addiction and fun opened up.  I love that I can search for anything and umpteen images come up which are linked to websites.  Cliff scornfully told me that I can just as easily google images and bookmark them but I far prefer the format of Pinterest.   I set up my own Pinterest Page and love pining recipes and  crafts.  I have created a few boards of categories such as ‘cakes’, ‘cookies’, ‘ kids crafts’ and of course ‘Skimming Stones’.  Next week is Acacia’s 4th  birthday party, I had lots of fun looking at Butterfly birthday cakes for decorating ideas on Pinterest, I also pined a few savory snacks to try for the adults.  I get ideas looking at what friends have pinned and sometimes pin their selections too.

When I post recipes or crafts on my website I now link them to Pinterest too.  If you are on Pinterest I would totally love it if you pin some ‘Skimming Stones’ stuff, even better if you try a recipe or craft which I have pinned I would love to know how it turned out.   Welcome to another time-at-the-computer pac man.

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  1. I also had a huge addiction to Pinterest and then I discovered Instagram and found a new addiction 🙂 Will check out your boards

    • ooh nooo I haven’t looked at Instagram yet, I must not, already not enough time in the day

      • I know it gets a bit too much sometimes. I started using Instagram because I do the photo a day challenge which is fun, but sometimes feels like a chore.

  2. I have lost many hours due to Pinterest, very addictive.

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