PJ breakfast at Sunrise cafe in Piet Retief

breakfast Cliff and kids lr

Stepping way out of family character we left for our trip to Ndumo and Kosi Bay at 5 am.  Half asleep children were bundled into the car in their pj’s and off we set.  After a few hours on the road we started looking for a place to have breakfast.  Travelling food stops are a hit and miss affair, but what we found was a big thumbs up hit with us all.

breakfast farmyard lr

We parked next to a pen with goats and other farm animals, the children spent some time watching them before hunger called us into the restaurant.

Breakfast light lr breakfast lounge lr

On a cold winters morning the warm atmosphere embraced us and coffee thawed us further.  The children loved sharing a hot chocolate.

breakfast play area lr

Chilly air prevented the children from playing in the play area surrounded by aviaries but it looked very appealing.

Pecan tart and coffee for breakfast, that'll do for me
Pecan tart and coffee for breakfast, that’ll do for me

I loved everything about Sunrise cafe, the ambiance, the food and the decor.  If you are passing through Piet Retief, pop in, you will thank me for recommending it.

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  1. Will remember this when we ever set out to the north coast again

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