Prestigio MultiPad 5080 Tablet a family hit

After I was given my  Prestigo e reader for my birthday, I loved it so much that the Presigio brand is now a hit in our family.  My daughter Dominique who is in her 1st year teaching bought the Prestigio 8″ Tablet, she was so thrilled with it that family members clubbed in to buy one for my 70 year old Mum too.  Both are highly impressed with the product.  Other than loading about 50 books on Mum’s before she returned to Durban I have not had much time to play on them.  I asked Domi for a review and she has the following to say about hers:

*  Use of android makes its usability fantastic and easy enough for my 70 year old gran to learn how to use.
*  It comes with its own carry pouch to keep it safe at all times.
*  The display is fantastic and crystal clear.
*  It comes preloaded with 3 e readers so you can choose which one suits your preference.
*  There are many additional educational games available on the Google Play Store,  I  even got a colouring in app for my 2year old sister to play with.
* Because the operating system is Android  it syncs my Samsung phone with the tablet’s calendar without me doing anything once it has connected to the internet, therefore I  never have to worry about forgetting any meetings.
* Video quality is excellent as it has an HD display.
* The camera is situated on the front and takes good photos for a tablet in my opinion.
*  The MultiPad is also preloaded with a cloud application to store your data externally.

* The tablet comes with Office Suite 6 which allows you to create word, excel and powerpoint presentations which are supported by Microsoft Office.

*  The only problem with Skype is that you need to plug in external headphones otherwise the person can hear you as the mic works but you can not hear them.
*  The usb port on the device is a micro USB but this not a problem if you buy a usb adaptor which has a female end that you can plug your usb device into, this only cost me R45.

Domi has only had the MultiPad for a month and was devastated when she dropped it and cracked the screen but we were highly impressed with the after sales service supplied by the distributors.

I have found the people at the Prestigio agents in Johannesburg to be very helpful and aware of customer feedback.  In the unlikely event that you have a problem with your device or a query.  Dean will respond to your enquiry, you can e-mail him on or call him on 011 8487000011 8487000.  Of course I always welcome comments on my blog and am happy to assist where I can.  This blog post was unsolicited, I just like to share my experiences with certain products as I always appreciate a detailed review when considering buying a product.


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  1. im getting the Prestigio MultiPad 5080Pro 8 inch Tablet PC this week 18/11/12 cant wait, been looking at all the blogs and videos, im quietly confident that iv’e made a good choice here.

  2. im not a windows fan any more, love android its not hostile like microsoft windows, all of the power goes on whichever app your using, thats what you part with your money for after all.

  3. It’s a piece of shit, after a month of buying my 7 inch Prestigio multipad, it happened that it fell on the carpet and the screen got broken, I carried it to the customer service and after a month they did nothing they simply told me they don’t have spare parts. I also sent an email to the company and they never replied. I don’t recommend Prestigio products for anyone unless you want to waste your money!

    • Hi Maro
      I am surprised that you experienced an unsatisfactory service from the supplier. I am from the Supplier, and we treat all repairs with great speeds. Unfortunately if you drop any device, the screen is normally to go first. We have spares on 7″ LCD + Touchpanels, so i am confused that yout unit was not repaird.
      Please send me your contact details, and i will get someone to contact you ASAP

      • Good Day Dean, I would like to repair my multipad screen, please can i have your contact details as I can’t go without my tablet.

      • HI Dean, the same thing happened to me yesterday, my son dropped his on the lounge carpet and the screen is buggered, please let me have your email address so that I can contact you, alternatively, mine is

  4. Hi Ronele

    Sorry to hear about your screen.

    Please can you email and they will send you all the instructions.

    Thank you

  5. my daughter just droped her prestigio tablet its got a 10ins screen witch have cracked please can you let me know if and where it can be fixed thank you

  6. If you are also in South Africa you can contact Dean you can e-mail him on or call him on 011 8487000

  7. Hi Ann
    Please can you send an email to : – Jonathan will send you a quote for your daughter’s 10″ tablet. Please give Jonathan the Model number and Serial number if possible.
    Thank you

  8. Have cracked my screen on my prestigo multi pad n I want to no what it will cost to get it fixed its onli one crack going from oneside to the other

  9. I have a prestigio and love it however i dropped mine and screen has cracked. How can I get screen changed as live in the UK thanks it is a multi pad PMP3384B measuring screen from corner to corner diagonally it is an 8 inch screen thank s

    • Hi, sorry as I’m not in the UK not sure where you can go. The shop where you bought it should be able to tell you who the agents are and how to contact them

  10. I accidentaly dropped my 7inch tablet and the screen has gone all funny wt shall i do i rely want to carry on using this tablet

    • your best bet is to probably take it to the retailer where you bought it, if you are in SA the contact details for Dean at the SA agents is at the bottom of this post

  11. Hi Sula,
    I was given a Prestigio 8.0 HD Multipad by my sister as a gift. I have been using it for just over a year now and love to the point of being almost dependent on it.

    I was struggling with the E-reader that came with the multipad and then downloaded the Kindle app. This has been working fine, but all of a sudden it has taken to switching off in the middle of a book and the problem then persists. I have tried Googling for an answer, but have not found one that works.

    Does anyone out there have advice? As said I am totally hooked on my Multipad. The Kindle app is just frustrating me right now.

    • Sorry I can’t think of a solution but maybe contact Dean, his contact details are at the end of the article. Hope you manage to sort it out

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