Rice Crispie & Marshmallow hearts, a great kids Valentines treat


I suffer from handuppalitis and seem to always find myself volunteering for everything, be it standing on a bridge with a “Hoot against e-tolls” banner, or cooking lunches at the pre-school when the cook was off work.  The most crazy was working as a volunteer in office admin at Fjord’s previous pre-school for a full year.  I’m getting better though, this year I’ve committed to tuck duty twice a week at the school and put my name down to be class rep for Fjord and Acacia’s classes, it’s nice for them to see me chipping in.  Fortunately Gr R have 12 class reps.   This Friday there is quite a bit of Valentines fun lined up, I’ve offered to make these heart shaped Rice Crispie treats for both classes, they are relatively quick and easy.  The trial run last night was a great success, the children kept coming back to sample more and I have to admit that I ate about 6 in quick succession, all in the name of science of course.  Another plus is that this treat is egg free (if you use egg free marshmallows) which means that Fjord can eat them.

NOTE : SPRAY AND COOK IS YOUR FRIEND, WHEN WORKING WITH THE MIX SPRAY YOUR HANDS, SPRAY YOUR CUTTER AND SPRAY THE SURFACE THAT YOU WILL BE WORKING ON.  This tip from my friend Abbey made shaping them a breeze, if you don’t use an oil spray they stick to everything

RICE CRISPIE AND MARSHMALLOW HEARTS (Makes about 15 using medium heart shaped cutter)


1.5 Tbs (21 grams) butter (or margarine)

150 gram bag of pink and white marshmallows

3 Cups Rice Crispies

a drop or 2 red food colouring

For decorating 

sprinkles / food glitter / hearts

Melted white chocolate (about 50 grams)

gel food colouring


  1. Over LOW heat, melt butter
  2. add marshmallows and stir until completley melted, remove from heat
  3. Stir in Rice crispies
  4. Spread out on a surface sprayed with cooking oil or on wax paper, or a silicone mat about 2 cm thick
  5. Cut into hearts (spray your cutter with a bit of non stick spray), I thought that the off-cuts would be waste but they were easily pressed into the uncut mix and used.


  1. Sprinkle with food glitter or whatever sprinkles you want to use.
  2. Around the edge, melt white choc in microwave for about 30 seconds, add gel food colouring.  Spoon into a small zip lock plastic bag and snip a tiny hole in 1 corner.  Use the bag of melted choc to pipe around the edges.

The basic recipe is not original but I could not find one with metric measures, changing to metric is the only change that I made to the treats which I found on ‘Cooking on the Side’.

Have fun





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  1. Thanks for the idea, I have to do ‘bakersman’ again soon and these look nice and easy.

  2. This is great! Because currently I’m scouring the internet for kids valentines day ideas as both my girls have to give things to friends at school on Friday!

  3. Suls.horses that keep throwing their heads up ware a martingale, there must be a similar strap for humans, from elbow to foot that restricts how far up the hand can be lifted Try Amazon.com

  4. Handuppilitis. Good one 🙂 I have that same problem.

    It’s my daughter’s birthday the weekend and this is definitely a must. Marshmallows aren’t overwhelmingly sweet and this is a treat with a difference.

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