Shapes of Africa – Sea fresh food at a magical backpackers

Shapes of Africa surfboard

Long ago I had a vivid recurring dream, in it I discovered a previously unknown room, filled with dazzling treasure in my Grandmother’s house.  Last night had the same feel as that dream.

My brother Paul left and Ray centre
My brother Paul left and Ray centre

A few times a year I visit family in Durban and Umdloti.  Much loved favourites like the Bush Tavern in Umdloti are experienced with ritual comfort and satisfaction.  On a previous visit I met my brother Paul’s surfing and sailing friend Ray at the Bush Tavern.  What I didn’t know was that Ray has the most awesome backpackers lodge Shapes of Africa up the road in Mount Moreland.

Phuza Thurday

In the morning Paul spotted on the Shapes of Africa Facebook page that Ray had caught a Tuna and a Kuta (King mackerel) which would be served as Phuza Thursday supper.  Thursday evening meals are open to the public.

Shapes of Africa bar

Walking into Shapes of Africa felt like finding a world between the notes of a Beach Boys song.  The sun had set but warmth prevailed.  A group of guests sat around a campfire and the group in the combined bar and eating area swelled through the evening.

Shapes of Africa mealShapes of Africa rice and mussels Shapes of Africa salad

The children and I explored the wooden walkways leading to the rooms.   This is a place where I would so love to stay.  Thank you Paul for a magical evening.  I can’t remember eating any fish as good, other than fresh Kariba bream.  The meal certainly falls in the ‘all time favourite meals’ category.  We have visited more than half of the towns and cities along the South African coast and it is near impossible to find restaurants offering fresh fish.  Shapes of Africa provided something straight out of a really good dream.

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