Soaps and scouts week ending 2 May 21

Slowly slowly we get closer to the parquet flooring being completed and having a livable lounge again
Acacia making soap from first principals, she chose this as her personal challenge for her leaping wolf cub badge and hopes to complete the necessary steps before her 11th birthday in just over 2 months
Quite rustic looking but despite appearances, the first attempt at soap making worked well. The soap is natural and feels lovely on the skin
Learning while reading Agatha Christie, who knew that Parting Shot was derived from Parthian shot where Parthian soldiers, turned on their horses and fired arrows while appearing to retreat from an enemy
The scouting movement is about so much more than learning skills, it teaches leadership and team work, and of course it is fun
At last the butter dish came home, it was a fun exercise in altered throwing
When a dove falls. Cliff found this baby dove in the road and could not see a nest. Wonderfully it has survived 2 days and should almost certainly make it since we took it to a lovely lady who takes in rescued birds. The critical rule with nestlings is where possible leave them to be fed by the parents on the ground unless in danger, this was not safe to do in this case. It is FALSE that a mother bird will reject a baby if handled and returned to the nest, this is the ideal and can be done.

I have introduced my son Heath to Rumble and he’s posted 2 videos. His word play puts me to shame

My younger son Fjord is working toward his grade 2 violin exam

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