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I was taught to crochet by my great Grandmother when I was little.  She only taught me to do chain stitch (casting on) and treble stitch.  With this rudimentary knowledge I have made many blankets and scarves but been frustrated that I could not advance my skill.  Recently I discovered a wonderful wool shop in Boksburg and I was enthralled by the enticing yarns.  On the same day I found the First ‘The Art of Crochet’ kit at CNA, at R9.99, I just had to get it.  Within the same week I bought book 2.

The first kit came with a DVD, I put off watching this and getting started as I thought it would be long and I would need time to focus on it (time is a rare commodity around here).  The DVD was short (about 15 mins) and after watching that I was rearing to go. From the DVD I learned that I had been holding the wool wrong all these years and found the proper method so much more comfortable. I then went through the books learning and practicing the new stitches in them.   I made short rows of about 15 stitches to get the hang of it.  In book 1 I couldn’t figure out the ribbed stitch for the ribbed cushion as that one did not come with step by step instructions with pictures but maybe I will go back to that when I get a bit smarter.  Book 2 has the shell pattern which is now my favourite, I’m already wanting to run after learning a few wobbly steps.  I want to make Acacia a dress using this stitch.

I don’t have book 3 yet, which contains a hat pattern.  Last night fired up with enthusiasm I searched for hat patterns online and found a few.  I found a super basic one and before I knew it I was sitting in front of the computer hook and yarn in hand.  Things then got a bit confusing, the pattern said to use dc (double crochet) but the stitch in the pic looked more like a treble (tc).  Then I discovered that UK and US use different terms and to complicate things dc is the same term used for 2 different stitches depending if the pattern is UK or US.  I started out wanting to make myself a hat but because I was using 4mm hook and double knit yarn it was too small for me but fitted 2 year old Acacia beautifully.  I was brave and decided to try the scallop stitch on the hat so did 10 rows as per the pattern then switched to scallop stitch.  I was delighted with the result.  Today I did one for Fjord (age 5) also with a 4mm hook and dk yarn.  I think when I make one for myself I will buy a 4.5mm hook and use a yarn a bit thicker than dk.
While searching for hat patterns I also discovered a really cool trick to make a cap with a closed hole on top called a magic circle, it was easy to do and worked really well.

Since getting the first and second ‘Art of Crochet’ books I am distressed with the situation of so many ideas so little time.  To make matters worse my sewing machine and I are bonding more than ever before so I have a list of projects as long as arm.  I am very excited about learning new stitches, I will now be able to make so many lovely things (I hope).  With Granny Pearl long gone it is wonderful to have found another way to learn.

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  1. I (kind of) learned how to make a granny square when I was in 7th grade. I, too, was really frustrated, b/c I just couldn’t remember how to do it. We had a sewing club at my school. Over the summer, Gramma tried to teach me, but I lived 200 miles away from her to get the concept down. Would love for you to visit me at! 🙂

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