Wanted, Arzberg Pacific Blue Crockery

Arzberg Pacific Blue Jug Arzberg Pacific blue teapot

As my 18th birthday present my parents gave me a set of beautiful china, I had 8 dinner plates, side plates, a tea-pot, tea cups and saucers.  The crockery is Arzberg which is still available in white but my set, the ‘Pacific Blue’ which is pretty little blue flowers on white was discontinued in the 1980’s.  When I started working I bought as much as I could afford to add to the set but soon stock ran out.  Over the following 20+ years I have broken many pieces, last month I broke the casserole dish and my teapot is chipped.   If anyone in South Africa has any pieces and are willing to sell, please let me know.  More than anything I would love to replace the dinner plates, I only have 3 left.  At a push I may be willing to give up my teacups and saucers or side plates.  Not only is the set very pretty but it has sentimental value to me being a gift from my parents.  You can contact me by email sula1968@gmail.com

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  1. It might be a little pricey but you might have good luck here:

  2. Thanks You. Great information tea cups. I would like to share more stuff with you, related to the Discontinued Lenox China

  3. Hi. Did you find what you needed? I have a complete dinner set but live in New Zealand otherwise I could help out.

  4. Dr Ronel De Villiers

    Hi there, I have a 12 piece tea set – are you still looking foe this??

    • Hello, although more interested in the dinner service items I may be interested depending on price. I did send and e-mail to you, not sure if you got it

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