Week ending 5 Sept 2021

Well that week ended with a headache from hell, but at least it’s gone today. Not much went on last week, Mum is still with us which is lovely.

Our music teacher gave us blueberries so we gave him some blueberry muffins. Found a good recipe on Allrecipes. Funny thing is that I’ve always found blueberries to be a bit powdery and not very exciting but this year they are so much better. I have a feeling we are getting the ones meant for export. We tried to buy a plant yesterday but it was R230 which is insane for a pretty small bush. I’ve popped a few berries in a seedling tray, waiting to see if they come up.
Brought home a casserole dish from pottery
Funny how different things appeal to different people. Cliff says that this sugar bowl is the best pottery thing that I have made. I like it but didn’t think it’s my absolutely best work.
Acacia planted this White Stinkwood tree for her leaping wolf badge in autumn. It’s a very special tree which was bought to commemorate the due date of a baby who was lost by miscarriage at 9 weeks, baby was named Smidgen. The tree lived in a pot for 12 years and is now free to grow at the grounds of our scout hall. We didn’t know if it had survived the harsh winter but wonderfully new shoots have unfurled.

I haven’t thought of this song for years but it came to mind yesterday. Remembered going to the performance of Godspell at the Westville Theatre as a teen in the 80s wearing a shirt which I had sewn buttons and zippers onto.

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