2nd Week in Canada up to 28 Feb 2021

There is always something to do, somewhere else to be, multiple demands on attention. Quarantine for 14 days in the home of Domi, Duncan and baby Paige (who also had to isolate as soon as I arrived) has to be the most ideal time to have quiet quality time. Thankfully in 2019 I had a grand adventure visiting Montreal, New York and Ottawa, I do not have a to do list this time. Thereś 1 item on the agenda and I have an opulence of time to savour meeting my first Grandchild.

Domi is so thoughtful and organised, she picked up books from the library before I arrived. I do not know why but this book did not quite live up to my expectations
Doing what grannies do and knitting a cardigan for Paige
Every day I have to confirm that I am healthy and virus free on the Arrive Can app
I got some exercise shoveling snow on the deck which was pretty good fun
I only looked serious because I was thinking about Dr Seuss being cancelled
Snowflakes in my hair make me happy
It is nice to see the pottery sheep mobile that I made hanging above the cot. I sent it over in separate pieces for them to assemble here and never saw the finished product. The strands of beading wire are attached through beads at the top of each hole.
The sheep mobile was a family project. I made the pottery pieces, Cliff made the wooden ring, Acacia painted them and scratched in the details and Fjord drilled the holes in the wooden circle
I never taught Domi to sew but she is learning now, here she is cutting out her first pattern. Thanks to instructional videos I am learning things that I never knew and she will probably overtake my skill set pretty soon as she is remarkably practical

I think Iĺl add a link to a music video each week now. This week I have been thinking that now more than ever we need to strengthen critical thinking, humour and question the establishments. I like this quote from the Rachel Joyce book The Music Shop. ¨‘The song got banned by the BBC and half the shops wouldn’t sell it but I played it all summer. I considered it a public service. Not that I have anything against the Queen – I like her – but it was important there was a place where the unsayable could still be said. And fair do’s to the Queen, I guess she agreed with me. She didn’t chop off John Lydon’s head or anything.’

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