Cellu-Beauty at Natal Spa – self indulgence won the day


I have ingrained in me the perfect recipe for self-denial, I grew up Catholic and I am a mother.  Sack cloth and ashes is my natural style.  The decadent bliss of a back and head massage at Cellu-Beauty on our weekend away at Natal Spa was worth the instinctive guilt.

I probably would not have been led into temptation but after super at the hotel I got chatting to the visiting regional manager, Michelle from Cellu-Beauty who was so friendly and enthusiastic that I would have been downright rude not to take up her suggestion to pop into the spa and look at the specials the following day.

The staff at the spa were lovely.  I enjoyed chatting to both Michelle and Pearl, the previous week Michelle had won ‘Manager of the year’ at Cellu-Beauty and Pearl had won ‘technician of the year’ at their recent company awards, both had been recently promoted.  It is rare to meet people who seem to really love what they do and take pride in their work, that enthusiasm gives such a positive feeling.

Entering the massage room was like slipping into a parallel universe where peace prevails.  The soft candle lit room was warm and welcoming.  My therapist was very professional and gave me a wonderful massage.  I walked out feeling pampered, relaxed and of course a little guilty.  My conclusion was that the weekend away wouldn’t have been quite the same without that very special me time.

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