Finding my way – sort of poem or my attempt at rap lyrics

My son Heath is working hard to get a break in the rap scene.  His lyrics are pure genius, he sent me a song by Hopsin to listen to. I then wrote these words to sort of the same beat, I may have gone off track, but only listened once and didn’t want to replay it until this was finished as I didn’t want to be distracted by his words.  Listening again my words wouldn’t really fit the beat but I had fun and writing it made me feel connected to Heath on his level, I hope I succeeded.   This is written in a young male voice, quite a challenge for a not young woman.

You think I’m tripping
but my minds
just drifting
part of me slipping away
You think I’m loosing it
breaking up
bit by bit
I just pray something will stay

the silence
is violent
smashing my thoughts
to the floor
the emptiness
screams to me
What is it to be free?
there has to be something more

the arrows are meaningless
piercing not pointing
I need to find
a new door
the music’s my heartbeat
I’m nobody’s deadbeat
I’m just trying to write
a new song
Don’t write off my words
don’t stand in my way
I’m heading to where
I belong

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  1. “The silence is violent” very expressive.

  2. Sula! There are just so many layers to you. Poetic Justice. I love it👍

  3. Very well done Aunty Ursula!

  4. Oh Ursula – it’s stunning!

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