iSimangaliso Wetland Park Western Shores


The Western Shores section of iSimangaliso Wetland Park opened the week before we visited.  In a world where man runs roughshod over nature, where materialism and destruction mark and mar every aspect of existence the rehabilitation of 25 000ha of commercial plantations has returned the land to mother nature.  Visiting I felt a sense of hope and peace, wrongs can be righted, damage can be undone.  This is how it feels to take a new path, a tide turning.


We delighted in watching the largest heard of giraffe that I have ever seen, they strolled past the picnic spot with stately grace, 2 groups totalling 13 merged and the air was filled with their silent communication.

A walk on the new boardwalk stretched our legs and eyes, vision delighting in the vast scope surrounding, untethered from customary subjects which reduce instead of expand the soul.

We saw many wild animals, each one a celebration of life, a gift to be treasured.


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