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Today I discovered Bloglovin’ and was delighted to see that someone has already added my blog there and that I have 2 followers on Bloglovin’. In order to ‘claim’ my blog on Bloglovin’ I needed to post this with a code which they gave me. Oh dear more stuff for me to muck about with online.

I am very happy to discover this space as now, I can follow my favourite blogs and get 1 e-mail a day containing recent posts.  When I moved from my wordpress hosted blog, I really missed the ‘reader’ where I followed other bloggers, this is a similar platform.  It is also useful to those who are not bloggers but follow a few favourites.

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  1. Put it on your widgets on your side bar.. (Go to http://samomblogs.co.za/how-to-add-the-button if you don’t know how). To put it on your post you click over to “text” in your editor instead of visual (if you are in WordPress) and paste it in. Hope that works!

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