Boksburg rainfall from 2014

Rain gauge (2)

As a child I remember loving checking my grandfather’s rain gauge when we visited.   Every year I wonder exactly how much rain has fallen.  This year the rainy season has started very late.  In Johannesburg we should expect our first rains in the first week of October.  I bought a rain gauge on the 15/10 at a local nursery for R50, and so wanted to play with my toy.  On that day we had a whopping 0.8mm of rain.  Then nothing until this week.  Amazingly once again our rain flower opened on the day that our first good rain fell yesterday.

I asked friends which weather website is most accurate.  My friend suggested and it seems to be pretty good.  I will keep updating our rainfall below, this being the rainfall in our garden in Parkdene, Boksburg, the forecast figure is what was predicted on  in the morning of the day in question.  The forecast on is for Johannesburg but rain is always variable over the Jo’burg area, I remember one day when it rained over the back garden and the front garden was dry.  Now in future rainy seasons I can compare.  Yup super geek behaviour.  The children are also very interested in the rain gauge.

Highest in 1 day 10/11/2016 – 63 mm

Nov 2021

4/11 – 12 mm

7/11 – 39 mm

8/11 – 3 mm

17/11 – 12 mm

18/11 – 7 mm

22/11 – 18 mm

25/11 – 46 mm

28/11 – 34 mm

30/11 – 22

Dec – 21

up to  5/ 12 – 66.5

Up to 23/12 – 42

6/12 – 7 mm





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  1. That is also one of the things that I have always wanted, but one of those things that you have to walk past, whilst thinking about it. Don’t know if that makes sense, other than they are inexpensive and I still don’t have one. We had a good rainfall on Saturday night and the clouds are very heavy today. It is crazy how it can storm and further up the road not a drop.
    I think you are going to have lots of opportunities to play with your new toy now – the rainy season is here to stay by the looks of things 🙂

  2. Hi there

    I am conducting an experiment which requires 100 of these toys. Where did you buy it and how much did it cost? the cheaper option would be more suitable if you know of other suppliers which can do it at a lower price.


  3. Good day Sir,
    I hope you are doing well.
    I am actually working on a tender in Benin and I need your help with your best price on:
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    Kindly find bellow the Technical Specifications and the brochure in attached

    Technical Specifications: RAIN GAUGE MANUAL DIRECT READING PIERRON RAIN direct reading manual wide opening on base capacity of 100m

    Graduation: 0.5 to 1 mm per m²
    Height: 3.95 m
    Width: 0.2 m Maximum
    depth: 0.4 m
    removable transparent bowl with diameter greater than 20cm for easy emptying rain gauge large
    reception area: 400 cm2 and 45 ° filter fitted to dead leaves
    Support: Base with fixing system

    Kindly note that this request is very urgent.

    Best regards,

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