Technology Free Tuesdays

Recently I got around to watching ‘Pride and Prejudice’.  What struck me more than the famous Darcy gaze was the romance of the lifestyle.  It left me longing for the days before cell phones & computers.  Make not mistake, I love using them but they have created a social void.  Facebook can never compete with visiting a friend for a cup of tea or glass of wine.

Many days of my youth were spent waiting for the postman, the news in letters would be a week or so old but I loved running to check the post box.  Hours were spent at stationary shops relishing the tactile joy of writing paper.  I kept a good stock of stamps.  There was a sense of eager anticipation holding an unopened envelope.

As a teenager days were spent hovering around the house waiting for a phone call.  It’s all a tad too easy now.

Top of my birthday wish list is an e reader but I will always love the sensory experience of holding a book.

Hours are spent online, wonderful in many ways.  Yesterday I collected a parcel of jewellery ordered online from The Daisy chain.  I even found my husband on Matchmaker online dating site; how’s that for extreme online shopping?

The problem is that cell phones, computers and even TV fill up so much time, they clutter head space.  With this realisation I decided to have one day a week free from technology.  Since it’s my little game, I make the rules.  It is not necessary and would be annoying to cut out using the stove, microwave or other kitchen appliances.  I would get lost if I had to go to a new place without my GPS which would actually waste more time.  The rule of thumb is to eliminate technology which was not in my life when I was 5.  I’ve been doing this on Tuesdays for a few weeks now and loving the sense of freedom on those days.  It frees up a lot of time.

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