The appetizing Eyebrows

I asked friends to give me the 3 words for today’s Daily Prompt, Turn to your co-workers, kids, Facebook friends, family — anyone who’s accessible — and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun. There’s your post title! Now write.”  

I think that the dear friend who gave me the title “The appetizing eyebrows” went all out to make things tough for me.  She accompanied the words with this pic


I’ve been circling this challenge like a dog trying to figure out which end to take on a dinosaur bone.  First feeling looking at the pic was that sort of painful twinge down my spine normally associated with the sound of chalk on a blackboard.  Slap stick comedy often makes me cringe with associated embarrassment.  Then I thought about writing about comedy of the Mr Bean variety and the benefits of silly.  After licking my paws for a while longer I’ve settled on a discourse on body hair.

I have eyebrows which can compete with Rowan Atkinsons, if I didn’t do very basic waxing I would have a unibrow.  For a brief while in the 80’s Brooke Shields made big eyebrows socially acceptable.  I often get not so subtle hints that a trip to the beautician would create a change for the better.  I don’t know why but I’m rather fond of them.  Once during a makeover which I won in a competition they were tamed and lightened to the extent that the refelction in the mirror was a stranger.  She was a very classy looking stranger but I guess the bottom line is I’m not a classy kind of chick.  My eyebrows match the self image which I feel comfortable with, which is a little wild, sort of hippy, sort of unconventional.  The unconvential bit is rather ambivilent because sometimes the self image tells me that it’s ultra conventional.  ‘

Moving on to body hair in general.  I get the impression that humans feel an increasingly strong urge to cut ties with their animal links. In reality this is fundamentally impossible but take off the clothes, remove the car and gizmos, stick us under a tree and face it we’re just animals and rather pathetic ones at that.  Why do we reject our animal selves with near loathing.?

I don’t get the business of men shaving their legs, what is that about?  Last weekend in a queue the man in front of me had shaven legs, he was fat and old (about my age) no outward sign of being an athlete but the legs were shaven.  To me it looked really silly, call me old fashioned but I like a fella to look like a fella.  I would love to see a scientific study on what percentage of wind resistance is created by hairy legs on an athlete.  It can only boil down to vanity and somehow vanity seems a very unattractive attribute in a man.

Now for the ‘lady garden’, I must be careful here don’t want to give away too much personal info.  I feel that if a woman feels neater and more sexy with a bit of pruning or waxing down yonder that’s cool and groovy.  What I find disturbing is when men ask their partners to defuzz completely, to me that speaks of pre-pubescent fantasies which is just plain wrong.

Well that’s the best I can do with this challenge, and I thought that my friend liked me!  She didn’t need to make it so tough.

Go out there and raise a few eyebrows, it’s the fun thing to do!

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  1. The eyebrows reminded me of the MacDonalds “M”, is all 🙂 Love you to bits and I knew you would rise to the challenge with something good: your response is quirky, honest and full of humour. Please don’t take me off your mailing list – this is fun!

    • My goodness I never saw the “M”. It is fun, looking forward to seeing what you do witih my revenge words.

  2. Yeah, what Karin said (except for the part about loving you to bits, I don’t know you.) 🙂

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