To market to market to buy us a treat

This morning we visited the Neighbourgoods market @ 73 Juta street in the Jo’burg inner city.  What a find!  The foods on offer are really special.  I first heard about it when I bought olives from Chrisna’s olives at a champagne tasting, they are outstanding.  We sat down at a table for a Cappachino and came home with yummy Thai food, olives, olive paste, a slice of cheesecake, cheese, a parsley plant and very special chocolate coated marshmallows.  Next time we plan to go for breakfast.  The market opens at 9am on Saturdays and closes at 3pm.  We were there at 9h30 and by the time we left at 10h30 it was getting really busy.

It gives a warm feeling to see the revival of the inner city, in the same block we spotted coffee shops a book store and other interesting looking places.  The buildings have been renovated and look lovely.  I have an aversion to new developments and love the fact that existing space is being brought back to former glory.

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  1. Champagne tasting, cheesecake and chocolate coated marshmallows – I wish I was closer!

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