Week ending 5/4/19

I will get around to posting about our train ride to Cape Town which was utterly unforgettable.  Long ago I did posts about my week but got out of that habit.  I want to get back to using this blog as a journal.

Spotted Eagle Owl in Boksburg

The morning after our return from Cape Town Cliff was picking up dog droppings in the garden, he spotted one which looked rather odd and clearly was not produced by Floppy, it contained bits of bone and a beak, he looked into the Ash tree above and an owl looked back at him.  The spotted eagle owl must have chosen to roost there when the house was quiet in our absence.  It remained in the tree all week, was absent yesterday but is back again today.  Oh I hope he stays!

Elle Yarns pattern 7202

I go through obsessions, for a few months it will be all about crochet, making headbands, or making a particular thing.  Pottery is the exception, that is a marriage not a fling.  Back in my teens I knitted quite a lot and made a few jerseys but one went horribly wrong and I was so upset about the time and yarn wasted that I vowed never to knit another jersey.  A few decades later I made myself a cotton pullover and was so delighted with the results that now all I want to do is knit jerseys.  I discovered free knitting patterns on Elle Yarns Web page and downloaded a pile of them.  Acacia loves her jersey but the neckline nearly drove me crackers.  After getting every measurement spot on when I tried to pull it over her head, the hole was too small, I could have wept.  It took me almost all day to do that last step and eventually I crocheted it.  I’m busy doing the same pattern for Fjord (and he’s also using it to knit his own), the v neck should be better.  If I do the round neck again I will make the neck hole bigger and as my sister-in-law suggested use bigger needles when doing the ribbing around the neck, that should fix the problem.

Making a pottery goblet is the most difficult ceramics project that I’ve undertaken

All I’ve done at pottery classes over the past month is try to make wine goblets, I now have 5 complete in the green ware stage, but despite weighing the clay and trying my darndest, no 2 are the same.  I’m really determined to get them right but boy oh boy it’s hard and I’ll probably give up without achieving that goal.


You know that sad feeling you get remembering something that you loved from long ago that you think is gone for good.  The joy when you find one again is an inner dance.  I had to buy this when I spotted it at a local stationery shop, now what can I stick a label onto?



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