What a week ending 14/2/21

Oh my goodness what a week this has been, I have been up to my eyeballs in red tape and stressed to the max. Still it ends well, I’m packing for Canada and after jumping through umpteen hoops I will meet my first Grandchild little Paige Lilly who was born on 18 December.

About a month ago I was tempted to visit but Domi assured me that She, Duncan and Paige would fly to South Africa by mid year. In the mean time the Canadian govt announced that everyone entering Canada would have to quarantine at a hotel for 3 days at a cost of CAD 2000, which is simply unaffordable for anyone other than the very rich. After this was announced we noticed that it had not come into immediate effect and I started trying to plan. On Monday I went to a travel agent at our local mall, they told me that due to the SA variant no country in Europe would allow anyone in who had been in South Africa for 10 days or more. They were categorical that there was absolutely no way that I could get to Canada. Later I spoke to a lady at Lufthansa at the airport who checked and told me that transit through Germany is allowed.

On Wed I began speaking to Debbie Joubert from Sure Travel 24/7, she is an absolute wonder. She investigated all the ins and outs for me and the ball was set in motion. Last time I went to Canada I booked on the Hopper app and it was all relatively easy but in the days of Covid I would not travel without knowing that there’s a real, efficient actual human who’s got my back. Despite an almost constant panic attack Debbie has been a rock. The way she attends to every minute detail is utterly priceless. My ticket was booked yesterday morning and I leave on Tues night. The hotel quarantine rule kicks in on the 22nd. The red tape and stress will all be worth while when I see my daughter, son-in-law and their lovely little girl who is just starting to smile.

Last week Acacia started this painting during her online art lesson, she completed it this week
This is not an original decorating idea it was copied from an image on the web as per the request of a lady who asked me to make it.
Fjord harvested paprika peppers to dry out for spice
A variety of chilli peppers from the garden for pizza topping. Pepperdews, Banana peppers, Anaheim and red jalapeno
Cliff is the best Dad, he bought chocolates for the children and wrapped them in printed paper
Acacia bought some Dala metallic fabric paint pens and decorated this old top
Packing a few South African treats for Domi and Duncan

If you’re reading this please say a prayer that my trip goes smoothly. This time next week I will be in home quarantine.

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  1. Ah, that is wonderful that you can go see Domi Duncan and your granddaughter – sending you lots of love, light and prayers that all goes well for your trip and flight. How is Canada doing with Covid – We only ever hear US and UK news and a bit of Europe – never Canada. New Zealand as you probably know only allows Permanent Residents and Citizens in and quarantine is 12 Days and now people are ex[ecting to stay home for a further 10 (I think) days because someone got Covid whilst in Quarantine and after leaving travelled everywhere 🙄🙄
    We went into Lockdown again last night, we are at Level 2, Auckland at Level 3, because there are 3 Community Cases. Lockdown for 3 days until further notice. Level 2 doesn’t really affect us but does affect our Town/Community because events cannot be more than 100.
    Anyway me waddling on…. have a fantastic time in Canada and hope you get to post photos on your blog

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