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In the past I have loved the challenge of writing prompted by creative prompts.  Previous prompts provided by others have resulted in some works which I have been most happy with and the stimulation of rising to a difficult challenge is so rewarding.  I have missed this inspiration very much since the Writers Bootcamp ended and woke this morning with the decision to set up a Facebook page with daily prompts.  I shall welcome suggestions from those who take part as it may be a bit dry with only my input.

There are no rules or expectations, you can post any form of writing or art.  You don’t have to write every day.  I put the first prompt up this morning when I created the page and am yet to write on the topic.  Since I have to dash to the shops now, then feed the family lunch and still get to my first DA meeting at 2pm I’m not even sure I will be able to set aside a bit of time today.  Maybe I will tackle the topic tomorrow or maybe in a weeks time.

I know that I shall be inspired and stimulated reading what others come up with.  Have fun!

Here is the link to the facebook page. 

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