2 weeks ending 18 April 2021

In the past week I’ve had 2 family visits over and above Cliff’s parents who have been here for 2 months staying in the outside cottage. It was a bit of a squash and a squeeze when my brother and his family spent a night with us but was wonderful to have them here. Mum was here for a brief few hours on her way between Swaziland and Durbs.

I’m going to start with a song. Domi added me to her Spotify account and I’m loving it. This song gut punched me , tears sprung to my eyes in a visceral response. It also plays with words from one of my favourite poems Hollow Men Black is one of those underappreciated musicians his soul and pitch perfect poetry belong in the company of the greatest.

“Gonna fly up to the moon
Raising all of my money
Can’t make it too soon
I am sick of it down here
Gonna rise up to the moon
So this is how the world ends-
Not with a bang but with a wimpy
Don’t laugh too soon-
I am sick of it down here
Gonna rise up to the moon
Who needs all the troubles of today?
What’s the difference anyway?
I feel out of focus, what can I do?
There’s only you
Gonna fly up to the moon
Raising all of my money
Can’t make it too soon
I am sick of it down here

Gonna rise up to the moon
When they open the borders where will you be?
I’ll climb the highest tree
To avoid the stampede-
And if I should fly
Only you, you
There’s only you
That would say goodbye”

We went to see Peter and the wolf at the National Children’s Theater. The show was excellent. So good to be able to enjoy performing arts again.
This cake was very quick easy and delicious, a real hit
Saturday was National Haiku day, a good prompt to write some poetry
We bought a pond, next step get some fishies

We have started something which should have been in practice for years. Before audio books were reserved for long car trips, now we listen any time in the car. Way better for the soul than radio. The trips to school have never been more delightful. Terry Pratchett must have had one of the greatest minds ever born.
It’s been a long time since hiking at Suikerbosrand. Will someone explain to me nice and slow why hiking has not been allowed during certain levels of lockdown. Just one solid reason will suffice because I can think of umpteen mental and physical arguments in favour of exercise, fresh air and sunshine.

Rebel News, my new favourite news channel was put in YouTube jail for a week and have been completely demonetized by YouTube, despite them not breaking any specific rule. The video which they were punished for was titled “If Big Tech can silence Trump, they can silence anyone”. That’s the point that I tried to make when saying that I was leaving WhatsApp. Rebel News fight the onslaught against free speech against increasing odds. I follow them now on Rumble, which is now my first go to when searching for a video. Freedom of speech is beyond important, if I want to stand up and tell you that the earth is flat with a quiver full of blunt arrows of conviction, let me expose myself for the nut job that I am, allow yourself the self respect to form your own opinions.

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