Babalala Picnic site in the Kruger National Park

KNP Acacia & Ele Babalala Acacia & Impala

Babalala picnic site is 32 Km from Shingwedzi camp where we stayed in the Kruger National Park.  Here we shared a family meal, surrounded by Africa in her splendour.  Impala grazed just meters away and Elephants moved silently to and from quenching their thirst at the reservoir.

Babalala Fjord & hornbills

Most enchanting to the children were the hornbills who took fruit and bread crumbs from their hands.

It is an honour and a privilege to live in South Africa, to have on our doorstep, treasures which many travel from around the world to experience.  Surrounded by the African bush we forget the nonsense and negatives.  We are blessed.


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