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uShaka Marine World Durban

As a rule I hanker after the past, everything seemed better 20 years ago.  In the case of uShaka Marine World the present outshines the past.  When Domi and Heath were little I had annual tickets to the Durban Aquarium.  I knew the dolphin shows backwards and we loved wandering through the aquarium.  I was a single mother living in ... Read More »

KZN Science Centre – A good rainy day kids outing

Update 2017 – I believe that the KZN science center has moved to the old Durban Airport When the weather turns foul it is really tough to find things for kids to do.   Being cooped up indoors with children is not fun, particularly when on holiday.  We are in Durban for the school holidays.  Winter can be the best time ... Read More »

How I chose my children’s names

This month, I read the incredibly moving book “Endings & Beginnings” by Redi Tlhabi.  One aspect of the book which struck me was how a child given a name meaning sorrow was so negatively impacted by his name.   I have 4 children, their names and the meanings were carefully chosen. As a child, I had a best friend Dominique, she ... Read More »

Mother and child classes. Priceless time together

Every morning Acacia asks / commands “Go Top Tots“.  Fortunately once a week this is met with the response which she is looking for.  Sadly there are less Mom and child classes in Boksburg than when Fjord was little. When Fjord was 2 Months old I took him to Moms & Babes, we did lovely bonding excercises like baby massage ... Read More »

Mother’s Day – Children are the greatest gift

When I heard the pitter patter of Acacia’s feet heading for our bedroom, my first thought was “I really hope Cliff get’s up for her and leaves me to have a bit of extra Mother’s Day snooze”.  At first while he lay there eyes shut I felt a bit sulky.  When I looked at her smiling face, so delighted to ... Read More »

Lunch box, mini boxes – Ideas for school lunch fun

Coming up with lunch box ideas for a 5 year old is a challenge, particularly when the 5 year old in question has a host of allergies.  We don’t have many options with sandwiches and I was stuck in a groove of honey, ham or jam. I was reminded of the lovely idea which my sister in law uses, she ... Read More »

Our solution to Fjord’s insomnia

Our son Fjord is 5 years old, over a period of about 4 months he developed terrible insomnia.  His bed time is between 7.30pm and 8pm but he would lie in bed for up to 2 hours every night unable to fall asleep.  He has a fixed bed time routine, we eat around 5.30pm, he baths at about 6.30pm then ... Read More »