3 2 1 Launching my Children’s Picture Book ‘Snuffles and the Cloud People”

titleSnuffles and the Cloud People Cirrus PeopleI’m very excited to share that after years of work, countless edits and tons of enthusiasm my Children’s picture book ‘Snuffles and the Cloud People’ is at last available for sale in digital format on Amazon.   I would never have dreamed that under 1000 words could be reworked so many times.  My Mum who is an award winning artist and was an art teacher did the beautiful illustrations and my Dad who has a lifetime of experience working with images and layouts pulled it all together and brought the story to life.  snuffles1snuffles2


The book is a picture book aimed primarily at children aged 3-7 .  At the end of the long dry season of the African savannah, Snuffles the warthog longs for some muddy puddles to play in. With the help of his friend, Jewel the dragonfly and the Cloud People his wish is realised. Although a story of fantasy, parents and teachers will value the educational aspect. As an added bonus, a recipe for Jewel’s Mud and Rainbow cookies is included which you and your children will enjoy making and eating together.
Mud & Rainbow cookies
I was delighted with the 1st review which gave the book 5 stars “Loved it, toddlers loved it! My little 2yr old had accident cut his head was in pain and miserable, bad night! Until i opened my kindle and started reading Snuffles and the Cloud People. Both my boys especially my 4yr attention span is very limited, but i was pleasantly surprised (despite the drama earlier in the evening) that they both sat and listened and were mesmerized by the pictures. The writing is bold and the pictures bright and kept their attention; and at the same time (especially if a little older) educated them about various clouds and how rain is formed! Loved it, looking forward to Ursula’s next book!”
Snuffles and the Cloud People cloud shapes
I am a little confused by how Amazon work their pricing I requested that the price be set at US $2.99  but viewing amazon.com from SA the price shows as US $4.99. The price on Amazon UK is £2.00   For some odd reason if looking at Amazon.com from South Africa the price shows as $4.99.  When I queried this the response was “If you’re browsing in the Kindle Store from a location outside of the United States, you may see a price higher than what you listed on the KDP website.”  Which I still don’t quite understand.  Therefore from South Africa with the exchange rate it works out cheaper to buy from Amazon UK. 
Hopefully the book will also soon be available at the Apple iStore. 
I would be eternally grateful if you would spread the word to anyone who you think may be interested, by word of mouth or any social media at your disposal.   If you do buy the book, pretty please go back onto Amazon once you have read it and give an honest review. 

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  1. Thank you for in-boxing me your link Sula – I shall buy your book now and review it on Mari’s World after reading it to the girls – at a glance I think they’re going to LOVE your work.

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