New Look Pattern 6641 – Kids Pyjamas and Nightie

Fjord loves the pyjamas which I made for him using New Look Pattern 6641.  I would like to share the few changes which I made.


The 1st pair I made were the red, his head was very tight going through the neck hole of the top and is a bit uncomfortable when taking off and putting on.  On the 2nd pair I cut the neck piece on the cross (diagonally on the fabric which gives maximum stretch).

I found the 1st top (red) to be a bit too short and had a very small hem (about 5mm) which then looks a bit wavy.  With the 2nd top (blue) I added 4cm to the pattern length which gave me a 2cm hem which is much smarter and the top is a little longer which I prefer.

On the 1st top (red) I didn’t like that it flares so wide, Fjord is a very skinny kid.  On the 2nd one (blue) I cut the fabric more straight down instead of flaring out as the pattern shows.

Update 20/08/2014 – I have had so much milage out of this pattern, I used it again for winter pyjamas this year and now I am making nighties for spring, I have cut out 3 so far for my daughter and 2 nieces but I’m sure to make at least another 3 in the next few weeks.  My only complaint is that I have really struggled to find pretty printed t shirt material, which is why I’m only making them for the first time now.   I had visions of a print with strawberries or flowers, well here in Jo’burg all I can find is plain colours.  I decided to embroider the names onto the nighties and make them a bit more exciting with pictures painted on with fabric paint.  I am not an artist,  in fact my artistic skills are next to zero but I am so happy with the result.  This one was posted to my niece this morning for her birthday on Monday.

New Look pattern 6641 nightie

I added 15 cm to the nightdress to make this velvet nightdress for 6 year old Acacia

To tie the shirt in with pants bottom fabric I added a pocket




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