Lunch box, mini boxes – Ideas for school lunch fun


Coming up with lunch box ideas for a 5 year old is a challenge, particularly when the 5 year old in question has a host of allergies.  We don’t have many options with sandwiches and I was stuck in a groove of honey, ham or jam.

I was reminded of the lovely idea which my sister in law uses, she is a Montessori teacher and has some excellent tricks with children.  What she does for my nieces is make lots of little boxes, each containing something different.  Fjord loves the surprise of opening the different containers and the variety.  Here are some suggestions, raisins, left over meat such as chicken schnitzel cut into squares, sliced cucumber, mini carrots, dry cereal, grapes, mango, pineapple, berries, chocolate buttons, cookies, cold meat folded into little parcels, olives, sunflower seeds, cheese, the list is really endless.  Try it and see how much your child loves the change!

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  1. Hi Sules,
    In the hot weather I also freeze their yoghurts and by the time they eat snack, the yoghurt has defrosted but still cold. The children at school will not be persuaded to eat runny yoghurts!

    It’s also nice to pack a little mealie fork for the berries or grapes, which is good for their fine motor!

    Fjord’s snack looks delicious.

    Sarah x

  2. Thanks for more great suggestions Sarah!

  3. I wouldn’t mind such a lunch box too 😉 I would be as excited as your 5-year old opening the surprise boxes 😀

  4. Yum. Is that tofu in the middle top row of the top one? For more ideas, you might be interested in checking out my Canadian web friend’s site Fresh4five. I think she got into the idea of creative, natural food preparation to try and see if it would help her eldest son who has autism but it has since taken on a life of its own. Address of the site is: I have suggested she add a lunchbox or bento category at the top as it is a bit hard to find these on the site.

    • Sorry that’s not tofu, it’s squares of left over chicken schnitzel, the beauty of it is that you can use pretty much anything. I wll have a look at the link thanks

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