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Every morning Acacia asks / commands “Go Top Tots“.  Fortunately once a week this is met with the response which she is looking for.  Sadly there are less Mom and child classes in Boksburg than when Fjord was little.

When Fjord was 2 Months old I took him to Moms & Babes, we did lovely bonding excercises like baby massage and songs.  The activities are all designed around babies development and provide stimulation.  Not only the babies benefit, when you have a baby it hardly seems worth the bother of getting out of your pj’s.  Being in a cosy cacoon with your baby is beautiful but also very isolated.  I loved getting out once a week and met very special ladies, some of whom remain valuable and present.  While Fjord was getting great stimulation so was I.

At 1 year old Fjord moved to Moms & Tots.  Again the classes provided age appropriate stimulation.  It is so useful to be learn new things to do with your child and to be reminded of activities which don’t immediately spring to mind.  Most of us who went to Moms & Babes moved on together to Moms & Tots.  It was a delight to watch our children and their friends progressing and growing together.  I also took Fjord to Kindermusik, these classes are predominantly music focused but also develop gross motor skills and other aspects of childhood development.   We also loved Clamber Club, this programme was developed by an occupational therapist.  The classes focused a lot on gross and fine motor skills.  Each week had a theme such as Autumn, animals, transport etc.

Clamber club Fjord

When Acacia joined our family, I took her to a Mother and baby class but to be honest it wasn’t very good and that particular branch of a franchise has since closed.  It is vital with these programmes that the person running the classes is enthusiastic and good with children.  You can tell straight away if they are just doing it for an income and lack the passion which makes the class special and beneficial.

Clamber Club babies

When Acacia was about 8 months old Jacqui opened a Clamber Club babies franchise in Boksburg.  We loved the classes but sadly as these classes focus on babies under 1 year old it was soon time to move on.  By this time most of the classes which Fjord had belonged to had been sold or closed down.  I had heard that Top Tots Boksburg franchise was now owned by a new person (Abbey) and decided to check it out.  In the Mommy circles which I moved the previous owner was not recommended.  We joined over a year ago now and Acacia really loves the classes.  The classes cover a broad spectrum of activities focusing on Fine & gross motor skills, sensory activities, music and art.


Top Tots art

All of the programmes which I have taken the children to are excellent.  I’m sure that they have had a real impact on the development of my children.  They have also led to me forming very special friendships.  Choosing one depends on the area where you are, they all have franchises nationwide.  A lot depends on the person giving the classes but 9 times out of 10 they are excellent at what they do.  Because so many mothers work most also offer Saturday classes.

When you are home with your child it is very easy to get caught up with chores and other responsibilities.  These classes offer special time to bond with your little one and have fun with them.

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  1. Glad you enjoy the TOPTOTS classes with Abbey. Early stimulation is so beneficial and the memories made at these groups last a life time. Liz Victor Franchisor TOPTOTS Early Learning

    • Thanks for the lovely Post, I hope to see Acacia Graduate with Toptots Boksburg in two years time. Abbey Toptots Boksburg

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