Deon Meyer inspired visit to Loxton

I rather like to take a creative prompt when exploring a new place, it gives a different perspective.  In New York I spent a day walking to find Clinton Street to get a feel of the place mentioned in the Leonard Cohen song ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’ in the line “The music on Clinton St, all through the evening”.  I must have walked 20km that day and saw some great sights on the walk.

Reading Deon Meyer books I have been curious about the town Loxton which is mentioned frequently.  Our off the beaten track drive from Johannesburg to Cape Town was an opportunity to explore the town and area, we were not disappointed.  The Karoo has a stark beauty which touches the soul and this town reflects the rugged beauty of the semi desert.  Unfortunately we did not stop to eat or stay in the town but took some time out to explore on foot.

The peace of the town is the slow exhalation of breath released by a mind at rest.  Thoughts are freed from the circles of our frenetic hamster wheel existence.  As with many small towns the Church is a strong focal point, a solid presence standing proud.


The town has a network of Leiwater channels which flood-irrigate the town residents gardens.  I have seen these channels in other towns but this is the first time I’ve seen them with water flowing and still in use.  In the Karoo heat the children loved playing in the water for a while.

Leiwater channels in Loxton
Leiwater channels in Loxton

Clearly the town is still growing, maybe Deon Meyer has something to do with that.  I loved the sign below announcing that the ‘Loxton Arms’ will be opening soon.

Loxton Arms
Loxton Arms






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