A night in Fraserburg


Flowers outside our room
Flowers outside our room


Our second night on the road between Johannesburg and Cape town was spent in Fraserburg.  The small town has tranquility and charm but is somewhat outshone by it’s neighbours Loxton and Sutherland.  We passed through Loxton at about 3pm and felt that we would rather press on a little further to get a few more kms under the belt.  When we reached Fraserburg it was close to 5pm and with small children to feed and water realised that we could reach Sutherland as hoped.  We found Ou Tuin Country Lodge and were attracted by the most beautiful garden (the prettiest of any place we have stayed), a path led to the stone house flanked by an array of roses, hollyhocks, queen anne’s lace, poppys and more.   The owner led us through the lovely house to a cottage on the other side of the garden.  The room was nothing special but quite adequate.


The main problem presented to us was that it was supper time and the town did not have much to meet our food procurement needs particularly after 5pm when the hunt began.  We managed to scrape together a meal with spagetti, a tin of tomatoes, cheese and 2 tins of Tuna not exactly haute cuisine but sufficent fodder to keep us going.


There was a dinosour of a microwave in the kitchen which I’m sure will have antique value, we tried to move it off the table but it was too heavy, perhaps the casing covered an appliance hewn from stone.  I opted to cook on the stoves instead.


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