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Discovering the Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden


After mooching around the house in a brain melting heatwave, discovering Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden was a real winner.  Botanical Gardens have timeless appeal to us (we married at Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden in Jo’burg) and our favourite places to eat or drink are those with outdoor seating. Despite visiting the Western Cape annually for about 10 years, this was a special new find for us.

bougainvillea white lily smell roses  Lily Lily pads Dutchmans pipe dark purplePurple flower

Despite being a relatively small garden, it holds a wealth of rare and interesting plants. I thought that giant Lily pads could only be seen in places like Mauritius, but at the garden a breathtaking array of water lilies amazed us. Fjord (8) delighted in finding interesting stapeliads in the arid house and Cliff wondered at other rare and special plants.

Tea garden

Tea and cake under a towering eucalyptus was enough to sell me on returning.

Late arrival at the garden meant that a portion of the garden remained unexplored, a good reason to return

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