Exploring Graaf Reinet

Our return trip from Cape Town took a scenic route via Graaf Reinet.  We stayed at Die Ark self catering accommodation.  I loved the small thoughtful touches which make a big difference, like mozzie spray and delicious home made cookies. For supper we ate at Muller House, where the food was excellent value for money.

On the morning of our departure, we visited Obesa Nursery which has the largest cactus collection in the Southern Hemisphere.

We have visited Camdeboo National Park before, but it’s not a ‘been there, done that’ kind of place.  The ancient spiritual air speaks of beauty in simplicy, a space where the mind can rise above the mundane.  The message which I hear is that I’m a grain of sand in something far greater than me.  Beauty is in all things pretty.  Power and strength are in earth and stone.  When the veneer of the transient are stripped away.  We are left with what matters.


The stones of Graaf Reinet’s magnificent church are a reminder to build our lives with material which will endure past the fickle tides of our present.

Contact details for Die Ark accommodation : 76 Bourke Street, Graaf Reinet ph 0828730034 or 049 8923881


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