Judas a poem about Jacob Zuma

I also want to try to take a picture to accompany each poem

I have not written enough poetry of late.  I spent some time this morning looking for a group or page offering daily poetry prompts, then decided on a better idea.  I have chosen to go through poetry books, pick a title and use that as a prompt.  Since reading a full poem first may affect my take on the title I only read the poem after writing my own using the same title.  Today’s choice was “Judas” by an anonymous poet.  I’m a wee bit rusty but it’s a start


He sold our dreams for silver

Robbed our clouds of lining

Mammon laughed in victory

when greed eclipsed

hope’s shining

The hanging tree is calling

The tarnished purse

it’s ancient curse

Justice scales


Here is the poem / ballad by an anonymous author which provided the prompt, very hard to read as it’s in old old English


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