Fairy Houses and the magic of childhood

fairy house

The Children splash and play in the bath.  Suddenly they stop, ears pricked, listening with their whole bodies.  Outside the window, Tinkerbell (a.k.a. Grampa) rings a silver bell.  The children are rapt.  “Did the fairies find the house that we built for them?”  “Will the fairies drink the juice which we left for them?”  Their imaginations dance like fireflies

Later the children go to bed, they fall asleep quickly.  Grampa has told them that the fairies are watching and waiting for them to fall asleep.  The children wake at first light to find fairy dust (glitter) on their pillows and in their hair.  They follow a trail of fairy dust to the fairy house which they built in the garden.  The little glasses of juice are empty. 

The fairies (a.k.a. Grampa) have left a gift of a little bag of sugar-coated fruit dainties (the fairies are quite health conscious).  The fairies also always leave a special note for the children.  I keep these notes for them to treasure, as I treasure the memories of building fairy houses with my father.  Toys and material things will pass, but the magic which feeds bright, shining imaginations lives forever. 


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  1. Oh I love this! My dad did this for me… To this day he still hasn’t told me how he got the lights to flash.. Such wonder and innocence.

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