How to free a drone from the high branches of a tree

Fjord’s drone stuck high in a tree

If you are reading this after doing a search along the lines of “drone stuck in tree”  “how to get a drone down from a tree”  this is what worked for us.  I felt just a teeny bit smug, because when my engineer husband was stumped to find a solution I solved the problem.

Last week was Fjord’s 10th birthday and the gift which delighted him beyond measure was a drone.  His flying skills are pretty good having owned a model aeroplane for a while.  On Sunday I heard him sobbing in utter distress, he had taken his drone a bit too high and too close to a tree, a breath of wind blew it into a tree and it was stuck over a stick more than 10 meters from the ground, what’s more the tree overhangs the road, so if during the night the wind blew it free it would have landed in the road and most likely been destroyed.

No ladder would reach where it was stuck, and nor would a swimming pool pole or similar stick.   I then suggested to cliff that we weight a rope at one end and throw it over the branch to shake it loose.  The rope was too heavy and I then tied a ball inside the corner from an orange net and tied that to a ball of wool.  Cliff threw the ball over the branch and it worked.  The drone was brought safely back to ground.  And you thought I was just a dippy poet, potter, baker.  Just call me Mac Gyver.

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  1. Hi Sula your blogs make my day, remember your baking is not only brilliant but your writing as well keep up the great anecdotes.
    Shaun and Janice Carter

  2. We have the advantage over our men because we think creatively when it comes to mundane problems.
    They, bless them, calculate and ponder and our wierd ideas often work. Well done.

  3. Iove it, clever mommy

  4. Well mummies r the diverse thinkers of the family. They r thinking the whole day on how to solve this or that in the home environment. Its a peculiar kind of intelligence.

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